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Diventa Solutions is an Organizational Development Consulting company with the drive, dedication, and experience to help you and your organization flourish.

Our goal is to find solutions to put you, your teams and company in position to succeed and remain competitive.

Change & DEI
Change Management Consulting & Coaching

Change is a constant that affects all of us including our organization, our colleagues, customers, markets, processes, products & services, supply chains, and laws and regulations. In order to thrive, companies and their people need to continually adapt to maintain competitive advantage in the marketplace.

When new change initiatives are implemented, Diventa Solutions is here to provide guidance, coaching and solutions as a Certified Prosci™ Change Management Professional Organization.

Diversity Equity & Inclusion Programs

Diventa Solutions will work with you and your teams to create your company's unique Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) strategy and roadmap which lay out the path and steps to create a more inclusive and harmonious workplace.

To achieve this, we examine your current culture, perform an organizational DEIB audit, to help identify where your organization stands with respect to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. 


We ensure your leadership teams understand their important roles,  are onboard and remain actively engaged throughout your DEIB initiatives, incorporate training, encourage open and honest facilitated discussions within your organization, and apply coaching  best practices as we follow your newly created DEIB roadmap along your journey.  

Leadership an Corporate Workshops
Leadership Development & Coaching

If you want to grow your company  to remain competitive, leadership development is imperative. Investing in your people today so you can see them (and your company) thrive and grow tomorrow is not an option, but a necessity.

We will work with you and your people to develop a successful leadership development program which will include increasing skills and competencies, succession planning and coaching and mentoring.

Corporate Workshops

To enhance your team's knowledge and abilities,
Diventa Solutions facilitates custom organizational development workshops.  All workshops include “Experiential Learning” elements which will enhance the learning experience for greater information retention and on the job skillsets.

Keynote & Meeting Facilitation
Keynote Speaking

Garry Priam’s speeches have inspired, motivated, and encouraged thousands of people in the US, Canada and Europe. The content, stories and engaging talks are well researched and delivered in a down to earth style that are always informative, memorable and entertaining.  Some topic areas include: Embracing Diversity and Inclusion, Believing in Your Personal Leadership, Constructing Winning Teams, Embracing Change, Greater Customer Service, Mindfulness, and Paving Our Work Life Balance Journey.

As an Italian Author and former professional basketball player, Garry incorporates his personal and professional experiences into every speech.

Meeting Facilitation

Facilitation is about helping groups have inclusive and efficient meetings and making sure everyone is  involved in discussions and has a voice.

As meeting facilitators, we keep groups moving towards their goals and desired outcomes.  We always use an assortment of facilitation tools to keep everyone engaged and create a safe and empowering atmosphere to get the best contributions, ideas and solutions from everybody.

SOPs and Training Documentation
Standard Operating
Procedures (SOPs)
& Training Documents

If your organization requires step-by-step instructions for employee work processes – Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Process Mapping, Training Manuals, Quick Reference Guides, Job Aids, and Operation Guides, Diventa Solutions can design and create them for you.

New and current employees can follow the SOP's and training materials making it easier to have consistent products and services, while maintaining your company's high standards and exceptional customer service.

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